Once tranquil and serene, Trakay forest was the sanctuary for every traveler across Amyrion. Being a true source of nature and possessing a calming aura, the forest was a beacon throughout the ages. Nations consistently sought to take pieces of the woods back to their homes. As with everything that is beautiful, Trakay was threatened by the hands of the greedy and the minds of so-called progress. After many years of being pillaged by intruders, Trakay closed its pathways, and any who dared venture inside were not seen again.

The desert tribes of Sahar were the last foreigners to occupy Trakay during their last effort to expand their lands and gather more valuable resources for their growing army. The treefolk of Trakay made sure that the roots of the forest were drenched in the occupier’s blood.

From time to time, the greatest shepherds of the forest rise to protect what is dear to them. Reaching the tallest treetops of every wood, Strongbarks are the largest among all the residents of Trakay. Don’t be fooled by their slow pace, as soon you will feel the might of a tree stump crushing you.
Timbeeer – upon death falls on adjacent enemy units damaging and knocking survivors.


Gentle jesters of the forest can show their harsh nature when provoked. Replacing the flute, dance, and song with a blade and determination results in a force a few dares to face. The Satyr rallies their companions from all around, bolstering their will to fight.
Trickster – boosts ally damage with each attack (this effect does not stack more than 5 times and is cancelled once satyr exits combat).


Mushrooms are typically seen as stationary beings that wait for drops of rain to sustain them. But, when blood mixes with the essence of nature’s wrath, it makes even the smallest of fungi a dreadful sight to behold. Clouds of festering spores emitting from the Fungoid make even the strongest bodies cling for their lives.
Atomic mitosis – upon death explodes into three smaller copies.


Not all flowers and shrubs have thorns – some of them are simply bigger and sharper. Evolved to protect, Thorn Guards are steadfast creatures made for slowing even the swiftest of enemies. From the deepest parts of the forest to its borders, hedges full of this silent guardian form the first line of defense.
Barricade – invokes a thorny hedge beneath enemy units entangling and damaging them.

Thorn Guard

Trakay forests hide one of the deadliest plants of Amyrion, the infamous Sting Bud. This creature’s dangerous flower contains a potent toxin inside. Fragile by nature, but when positioned right, it is capable of obliterating even the sturdiest of armies. Not all weapons are made from the best metals or the highest levels of magic – some are grown from nature’s need for retribution.
Toxic darts – becomes stationary opening its bud and releases toxic darts for 5 sec.

Sting Bud

“Tiny, yet quick and cunning “- those are the words used to describe the beautiful but deadly Fairy. Sometimes travelers mistake her gentle frame and colorful petals for a large flower. Even if she is camouflaged like that, everyone knows that the brightest colors in nature depict the greatest dangers.
Bouncing wisp – throws a ball of light that bounces three times and leaves a shield on each friendly unit hit.


Centaurs are a noble breed of sentinel, protectors of the forest. An old myth exists of their origin. It says that during a noble knight’s search for his royal steed deep in the woods of Trakay, a forest Nymph appeared. She would grant him one wish: to be taken back to his home or to stay here forever as one with his horse.
Sentinel – charges at enemy unit holding his pole-arm horizontally and blocks enemy units for a few seconds.


These silent predators are difficult to be seen around the forests of Aymrion. Always watchful for their prey, they stalk and prepare for their kill. This isn’t your usual type of wolf, but a fearsome alpha, that protects its pack and territory. Dire times call for the king of woods to come forth and fight for the glory of Trakay.
Howl – summons three grey wolfs that fight alongside him for 10 sec or until they are destroyed.


If you stumble upon a mystical glade full of tiny grass hills, don’t be frightened. It may just be a herd of gentle Grove Keepers, deep in their everlasting slumber. But nothing lasts forever, and when they hear the call to battle, their hooves will be on the move. Be wary of a thundering sound resonating through the forest because when the stampede begins, there is no stopping it.
Photosynthesis – Heals surrounding friendly units with every hit.

Grove Keeper