Age Sovereign

During creation itself, one of the first forces born as a result was the Time itself. With it, Mementus, God of Time, came to be as a supreme ruler of ever moving ages. While his brethren rule over elements, metals, other forces of the material world, Mementus wields and controls the Sands of Time. His followers are bestowed with gifts of youth and never-ending sunlight. Some of His followers were even said to be able to control the speed of growing crops and even revert long passed years.

All who Follow Mementus are promised miraculous gifts, for no gold or silver is cherished as eternal youth. Followers of God of Time are some of the most zealous, for it is known that in His domain, time can go both ways, and their lord can take back all the time given to them.


Mementus twists and turns the time refreshes all friendly unit cooldowns.


Mementus decreases cooldowns on all friendly Gateways.


Mementos wastes no time on upgrades. All upgrades finish instantly.


Stoic guardian

One of Primordials’ eldest, and as a God of Earth, Yordian contains the qualities of the earth itself, harsh from the outside, but brimming with the prevailing strength of endurance. The greatest generals had asked Yordian for the tremendous blessing of their armies; alas, His stubbornness is known through the realms. He bestows his gifts only to those he sees fit in such a way that over the generations, most knights have pledged their code of chivalry in front of Yordian, making him the stoic guardian of the realms.

Those worth of God of Earth blessing are imbued with the primordial essence of his own, giving them the ability to endure even the greatest threats, so that they can uphold the weak and defend the helpless, From time to time, there are those foolish enough to anger the God of Earth, and in return the Stoic guardian places the curse of the eternal stone upon their wretched souls.


All friendly units’ armor is increased while in the Yordian’s influence area.


All friendly units within the targeted area are immune to all types of damage.


While in Yordian’s influence area, all enemy units’ defensive stats are decreased.


Flowing life

There is no higher power in the realms of existence than that of lice and rebirth, and in controlling it. As a God of Life, Vellamon has been bestowed with the flowing essence of growth. Most misguided souls think that life and growth are only used for tranquility, However, their abilities can strengthen even the weakest of creatures, making them formidable foes to be reckoned with.

Vellamon has been worshiped through eons by all of the nature-loving residents. Now, with the ongoing wars, all realms, feel the power that Vellamon can bestow on their armies, Sharing his healing properties and making every army more vigorous is the backbone of every victorious battle.


All friendly units in the influence area are healed.


Vellamon sends a tsunami trough a lane of your choice. It knocks back all enemy units.


All friendly units gain additional temporary health points while in the Vellamon’s influence area.


Blazing purity

The purity of all things through fire and heat. God of Fire is one of duality through destruction and rebirth, Nardass engulfs all things with a blaze, consuming everything in tis path, so purifying the land. In the aftermath of his expansion, the entire earth and its inhabitants are given a clean slate to regrow and become better and stronger.

Those that are impure of hearth, are burnt by the blazing sanctification of Nardass. By the mandate of Gof of Fire, all must be cleansed in such a way that the world is made in his image. Fires will burn across the realms, thus creating a new beginning.


 Nardass summons a Lava Pit that deals magic damage each second as long as it persists on the map.


 All friendly units gain attack damage.


Attack damage of all enemy units is decreased.


Soaring change

Taming the chaotic will of the air gave Eronin control over the unstoppable and raw power of the wind thus he was crowned God of Air. Although his elemental powers aren’t so easily seen, every creature can feel the rush through their body when Eronin’s powers are invoked.

Devoted followers of Eronin understand the fickle will of their God, tanking his gifts either way. Change is, Inevitable, as is the power of Eronin, giving a temporary attack speed buff to his worshippers or a permanent movement speed debuff to his enemies.


Enemy characters movement speed is decreased.


Eronin creates a wind barrier. No units or objects can pass through it.


Friendly army gains increased attack speed.


Winter’s Breath

Elborg is the God of eternal winter and ice. Eons ago, Elborg enslaved the Wind of the North, one of the four winds, and with the control over it he spreads his influence and will across the realms.

Although he brings no sun, crops or life, he is not without loyal subjects. All who submit to his will are gifted with cold blood and unnatural resistance to frost and snow. Warriors of Winter’s Breath are fierce opponents capable of inflicting frostbite wounds with a simple touch.

Elborg truly is a Primordial of eternity for everything stays the same beneath the ice, and one day if the prevails, all the realms will be preserved under the eternal ice.


Champions under Elborg’s control gain Frost hit. Their basic attacks chill enemy characters reducing their attack speed.


Elborg creates ice caltrops that deal damage to any enemy unit walking over them.


All enemy characters in the selected area become frozen for a set duration of this ability. Frozen characters cannot move and attack.


The Golden Fury

Spawned from pure melting gold, Rhanaaq harnesses his power from precious metals. As his powers grew, he seized the force of the sun. Loyal subjects see him as a benevolent God of Sun, Bringer of warmth, and endless crops.

Few know his true nature… Most Primordials use fear and magic to recruit their followers. Unlike his brethren, Rhanaaq has a much firmer grasp over his subjects – greed! With every desire, betrayal, or death caused by gold, Rhanaaq’s power grows.

As long as there are earthly desires obtainable by coin, God of Sun, the benevolent Rhanaaq will grow in the number of followers and remain on his path to omnipotence.


Rhanaaq gains 1 extra gold for every slain enemy minion.


All friendly units within the targeted area have their stats increased.


All gold gain belongs to Rhanaaq for the next 5 seconds.