We’ve just launched Open Beta for Primordials of Amyrion on Steam and the Epic Games store, available to all players for free from now until September 21st, at 11am ET.

The new Open Beta build has all-new Champions to try out – the celestial magic of Armaros, and the fiery magic of Angie.New Primordials are also part of this Open Beta – featuring the healing properties of Vellamon, along with Yordian, who defends his realm and turns his opponents into stone.

All the previous Primordials, Champions, and Realms also make their way back in this Open Beta, making it the deepest version of the game we’ve released yet.  So choose your draft picks carefully, and engage in epic 1 v 1 tug of war battles today!


  • Server stability
  • Ability functions and responsiveness
  • General impressions of the game, its mechanics and stability
  • Champion stats balance
  • Champion abilities balance
  • Realm balance
  • Primordial ability balance
  • Audio response and synchronization
  • VFX

Have fun and don’t forget to join our Discord and send us all your thoughts and feedback!

And don’t forget to wishlist Primordials of Amyrion on Steam or the Epic Games store, and jump into Early Access launch on October 6th!