It’s been over a year of hard work since we began to develop Primordials of Amyrion.  Our love for strategy games, and our desire to create a unique macro strategy game in a 1v1 tug of war setting drove us to create something we hope you’ll love.

Primordials of Amyrion has launched into Early Access on Steam and the Epic Games store today!  We’re excited for you to check it out and in 1v1 strategic tug-of-war battles against other players online or AI, where your macro skills matter more than micro.  To control the battle, you must upgrade your army units, choose different abilities for your Champions to unleash, and spend resources wisely to erect buildings, upgrade towers, and gain the advantage.

Our roadmap shared here are the features and updates we’re currently working on, coming soon to Primordials, and we’ll have more roadmap updates to share for major 2021 updates.

This is only the beginning of the journey.  Our philosophy has always been to listen to the community, so please give us your feedback as we continue to add new army Realms, new Champions, New Primordials, and continue to polish the game to bring it out of Early Access and into a full launch.

So jump in today and join us for Early Access gameplay!