The Primordials of Amyrion Beta is now available for free to all players on the Epic Games store and Steam!  We hope that you have a great time trying out the game and helping us shape it for the Early Access launch on October 6th.

Along with new Champions and a new Primordial to try out, we’ve reworked the game with upgradeable units that add an additional layer to the 1v1 macro strategy game.

You can jump into the Beta on Epic Games store here, or sign up here for a Steam key that the team will quickly send to you!

Even the unstoppable advance of Trakay supported by their power-hungry Sting bud can be countered with the decisive strike of Elborg’s Hoarfrost, deployed in just the right moment.


  • Server stability
  • Ability functions and responsiveness
  • General impressions of the game, its mechanics and stability
  • Champion stats balance
  • Champion abilities balance
  • Realm balance
  • Primordial ability balance
  • Audio response and synchronization
  • VFX

Please share your experience with your friends, have fun and send us all your thoughts and feedback!
We hope you will have a lot of fun through the playtest, and all your feedback will be much appreciated.

See you soon on the battlegrounds of Primordials of Amyrion!