We’re delighted to announce that Primordials: Battle of Gods released out of early access today and fully launched as a free-to-play strategy game on Steam and the Epic Games Store!

Primordials: Battle of Gods is all about making interesting macro choices to strategically affect the battlefield as you face off against an opponent online in 1v1 real-time strategic battles.

Each match begins with a draft where you select the Primordial god that acts as your base and gives you unique active powers.

You also draft 3 unique Champions (each with their own abilities to manage) along with the unique army of your choice.  These choices offer you endless combinations and strategies against your opponent.

While Primordials, Champions, and armies are on rotation, you can progress in the game and unlock these items permanently, as well as earn unique skins and avatars!

Everyone who purchased the game during Early Access will have every army, champion, and premium skins already unlocked, and will get future skins for free with exception to progression and battle pass skins.  It’s our way of saying thank you for supporting the game for all of these months.

We can’t wait to see you on the battlefield!  And don’t forget to join our Discord to take part in the community.  Build.  Upgrade.  Strategize.  Dominate!