Last week, we announced that Primordials: Battle of Gods was coming out of Early Access and launching as a free-to-play strategy game on Steam and the Epic Games Store on March 4th.  The launch will be filled with new features and player rewards that we’d love to detail out:

Player Progression – On March 4th, players will experience an all-new  and rewarding progression system. Players will still track their win and loss ratio, but with the new progression system, Primordials: Battle of Gods will bring 30 levels with rewards like unique avatars, titles, or currency. Among these rewards, players will also find Champion and Primordial unlocks and XP bonuses for even faster progression.

Examples of avatars earned through player progression

Titles – How better to show your battle prowess than a grand title? Titles will be unlocked through player progression and by completing game achievements. What better incentive to stomp a lot of Sahar Scorpions or win matches using Vellamon but to crown oneself with prestige and honor.

Currencies – There will be two types of currencies, both rewarded through regular gameplay. Gold is the main currency and will be awarded after each match. Players will use gold to unlock Primordials, Champions, and Armies. Gems are a more premium currency, unlocked either through gameplay or bought in the in-game store. They will be used to unlock unique store skins and for other purchases.

Gold and Gems currencies

In-game store – A brand new in-game store will offer players Primordial, Champion and Army unlocks. New skins include those that make Champion appearance more unique and change the color of an Army to what you’ve always wanted.  Players can buy the premium currency gems from the in-game store to purchase these unlocks and skins. Of course, there is also a free progression path to unlock a ton of items and skins as well.

Unique Mandra skin

And that’s not all. With Primordials: Battle of Gods launching as a free-to-play game, players can expect additional major game updates including some new game modes: Practice mode and Ranked play will arrive some time after the launch.

For those wanting to get their hands on some of the rarer and more unique avatars, titles and skins, there will also be the option of purchasing a Founder’s Pack and Battle Pass some time shortly after launch.

Founder’s Pack – Players will be able to purchase the Founder’s Pack for a limited time, unlocking all current and upcoming Primordials, Champions and Armies as well as Champion and unit skins that aren’t part of Battle Pass or player progression.

Battle Pass – Battle Pass is a feature with both free and premium levels of progression through which players can unlock additional avatars, titles, currencies and skins. It won’t be available on launch day but will be implemented in the future updates.