The next realm in Primordials of Amyrion has revealed itself, and is joining the Kingdom of Ibrion in the upcoming Alpha playtest starting on June 10th.  Welcome the Woodlands of Trakay, a new epic realm that will change the course of every battle. Contrary to the army of the Kingdom of Ibrion that shows their might through fearsome weaponry and armor, Trakay’s history shows a different way of dealing with invaders.

“Unlike other realms, the natural army does not embellish itself with iron or steel but rather gathers its might from rooting vines and the impenetrable bark of century-old oaks and pines. The Woodland of Trakay wait for the call of Nature to spread seeds and roots over all of Amyrion for the glory of the Primordials.”

Be prepared to feel the rage of nature in its deadly splendor, from hulking Strongbarks towering over all living things to guardian Centaurs wielding their polearms in defense of the realm.

The diverse effects of nature will be granted to those who choose to lead the army of Trakay. Abilities like Barricade that will stop even the most hardheaded of attackers or Howl that will summon deep wood Direwolves that will give any foe their last lesson…

Nature can be a vengeful spirit, indeed.


We strive to maintain strong diversity among the Champions in Primordials of Amyrion and thus, Xannti was born. Originating from the harsh and mythical deserts, this deadly scout is always in search for her next prey.

“Her sacred companion is not some mere living creature, but her trustful bow made from the core of a rare palm tree combined with the most toxic of snakes hidden in the oasis of her homeland.”

Our newly revealed and startling champion Xannti is a female reptilian hunter who can be experienced in the upcoming Alpha playtest. Her knowledge of forbidden alchemy combined with unique marksman skills makes any foe on the battlefield her prey. This ranged specialist will be a lethal addition to every battle in the upcoming Primordials of Amyrion.