As promised, our team continues to improve Primordials of Amyrion, and this patch brings yet another bundle of changes that include some new content and much-needed improvements. We thank you for all your feedback and comments; they were crucial in making this update. As we stated before, they are invaluable to us, and we hope you will continue to help us make Primordials of Amyrion better with each passing month.

0.3.45 Patch notes:

Secondary Primordial ability

All Primordials will now have two different and unique abilities controlled by the player. Each Primordial will have one localized ability with its unique, recognizable telegraph and one overall global ability. This way, Primordials will have an even more vital role in each match and further improve the strategic decision-making aspect of the game.

Currency change

From now on, upgrade planning will be easier since all upgrades will only cost gold. Essence will remain as one of the currencies but with a whole new role entirely.

Essence change

Essence change brings yet another major development in Primordials of Amyrion. From now on, players will be able to re-cast Champion abilities at the cost of Essence, giving them a new mechanic to use in the upcoming battles.

New UI

A whole new UI was designed to simplify the gaming experience and enable faster in-game response with easier decision making.

New upgrade mechanics

As we decided to simplify some aspects of gameplay and make it more enjoyable, upgrades were changed across the board.

Unit upgrades are now much more straightforward and simplified for a better user experience. All units are divided into three sections (Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry), and with one click, the entire section may be upgraded as opposed to single-unit upgrades used so far.

New Primordial introduction

Last but certainly not least is the introduction of Mementus the Age Sovereign! The Lord of Time joins the battle for dominion, thus giving players new useful tactics to experience. While his brethren control elements and metal, Mementus uses time itself as a weapon of war.