Mandra hails from the kingdom of Ozari. This vast forest kingdom is well known for its strict laws, preservation of nature, and balance in life. Throughout the ages many kingdoms mistook peacefulness for weakness. Ozari never fell to conquerors – every invasion was pushed back… with no prisoners kept.

Mandra is a fierce warrior and experienced battle medic. As one of the dryads, her purpose is to keep an ever-watchful eye over her homeland and any creature within its borders. Her distaste for all outlanders is not without a reason.

Long ago, in her youth, she ran into a human hunter. At first curious, she hid behind trees and tall grass, hoping to get a better view of this strange creature. He was nothing like anything she had seen before, and yet in many ways, he acted like most animals of the forest. He was light-footed, careful, and observant of his surroundings.

Suddenly, an elk appeared near the spring. The hunter moved to stay up wind and swiftly fired his arrow. The animal saw it coming. The mighty elk fell into the stream, painting it red from the warm blood. As life was leaving the animal, Mandras’ blood started to boil.

She had never felt such anger! Without thinking, she called upon the roots beneath the hunter’s feet. They began erupting from the ground, grabbing the hunter’s arms, legs and neck. In a manner of seconds, the man was on his knees fighting for each breath.

In front of him stood a curious creature, part beautiful woman, part woodland creature, part plant. As this strange being approached him, he could sense her murderous intent.



Upon activation Mandra curses units within chosen area, effected units lose damage, armor and magic resilience.


Minions around Mandra are healed for a fixed amount.


Mandra summons roots, entangling enemy characters.