Lekor was a regiment leader in the Legion of Haldrum. Lifelong service in the army hardened him, making him a fierce warrior to enemies and a fellow brother in arms to friends. His armor was always clean, blades ever sharp, and no man in the legion could ever doubt his loyalty to the banner of Haldrum. Service was his life and blood his honor, which in the end was his downfall.

After refusing to execute prisoners of war, his punishment was severe. High commanders of the Legion knew that death meant nothing to a man who embraced it long ago. To be a soldier meant to accept your fate, and Lekor was a seasoned officer, veteran of hundred battles. To break his will, they needed a punishment far greater than death.

Every single man under his command was executed for following their commander’s lead. Lekor was made to watch and listen to his men scream for mercy. After the slaughter of his men, Lekor was given a choice – obey the order to execute the prisoners of war to serve the Legion of Haldrum, or disobey and be banished forever.

That night he left the camp and vowed never to serve the will of lesser men again, as well as to protect anyone who serves under his command. Owning allegiance to no man, he melted his armor, crafted his new weapons and continued his search for redemption in the service of a Primordial that would accept his atonement.



Upon activation Lekor unleashes a battle cry, boosting allied minions and champions with additional armor.


Lekor blocks next incoming attack at him from any non-magical source.


Lekor gives armor to friendly minions around him.