The old dwarven rune sages tell the story of the first settlings of plains of Ibrion by one of the roaming tribes of human folk. First treaties between the humans and dwarfs were based on trade and craftsmanship, allowing each to prosper on their own. During the first appearance of Primordials, both races knew that they need to combine their forces to outstand the incoming war. Thus was made the Kingdom of Ibrion, ruled by two regent kings.

The Kingdom of Ibrion possessed the best of armor and weaponry that dwarven furnaces can produce, while the vast riches and fertile lands of humans have taken care of its residents. Great knowledge of tactics and piousness of humans enkindled with the fiery determination of their dwarven friends,  made an unstoppable army for the days to come.


Years of serving in the war, combined with the skill of close combat weaponry, makes Master of Arms a one-man-army. Rushing into the battle with convictionin their eyes, gripping a hammer in one hand and an axe in other is Master of Arms’s way of life.
Dual Wield – Dealing damage to the main target and the adjacent ones with both of his weapons

Master of Arms

Only those that served their harsh time in the dwarven mines of Ibrion, are given an opportunity to regain their honor through the ranks of the Mauler squad. The brutality of a heavy dwarven hammer wielded by an enraged Mauler is a weapon of certain destruction.
Aura of haste – Generates an aura that gives a boost to surrounding units attack speed.


The stoic and zealous paladins were always the bulwark of defense against all kinds of threats, being those of a body or sole. Grandmastery of impenetrable wall shield combined with the holy powers obtained through prayer and pious devotion, allows them to shield their companions in battle. Upholding the divine law and protecting the weak through the kingdom of Ibrion is their soul purpose.
Taunt – Targeted enemy unit attack the Paladin, which blocks next 2 attacks



A keen eye, steady arm, and nerves of steel make this dedicated archer a perfect defender of the kingdom. Their proficiency with a bow is unparalleled but outmatched by their devotion to guard the helpless. There is no greater sight than a salvo of deadly arrows covering the sun and clearing the way for the incoming army of Ibrion.
Longshot – Massive damage on a higher range target


During the long marches of Ibrion’s army, the kingdom was in dire need of defenes. Women were determained to take arms and guard the remaining populus. Skirmishers agility and guerila tactics,  alowed them to quickly outnumber all possesong therats, showing them the sharp points of their javelins.
Cruel intentions – Does higher damage on a closer range


Dwarven ingenuity and the skill of crafting was always a core value of a century-old trading pact between two races. The smoldering furnace of Ibrion was enkindled once again, to create an unstoppable invention brimming with flint and powder. Giving the sturdy dwarven marksman’s a proper tool to ignite the incoming fires of war.
Boom blast – Destructive shot that hurls the Blunderbuss behind and removes aggro



Steap and dangerouns mountains of Amyrion are a home to one of the sturides animals in the kingdom of Ibrion. Becouse of their majestic horns, Battlerams are herded and tamed as one of the few units that can chnage the corse of battle.
Head bump – Horn attack that removes armor from the enemy target


A long tradition of the lion riders is shrouded in mistery from the first days of humans settling the plains of Amiryon. In every generation, each firstborn female child at the age of six is imprinted with the white lion male cub, making them inseparable companions for the rest of their life. Every enemy knows to never stand between the royal lion of Ibrion and its rider.
Pounce – jumpes into an enemy squad and stuns adjecant enemies

Lion rider

Beholding the first tournaments of chivalry at the request of the human king, dwarven warriors knew they need to muster their battle skills and show the grandiosity of dwarven bear riders. Adorned with the best armor of master smithies and fitted with a lance of a real knight, dwarfs thus began the long tradition of fierce Rune Knights.
Juggernaut – charges into the enemy squad dealing massive damage on the way

Rune Knight