The story of humans and dwarves is one that intertwines throughout the ages. Old dwarven rune sages keep record of the first settlement on the plains of Ibrion – started by one of the roaming tribes of human folk. The first treaties between humans and dwarves were based on trade and craftsmanship, allowing each to prosper from their expertise. During the first appearance of Primordials, both races knew that they needed to combine forces to survive the incoming war. Thus, the Kingdom of Ibrion was created, ruled by two regent kings.

The Kingdom of Ibrion possessed the best armor and weaponry that dwarven furnaces could produce, while the vast riches and fertile lands of humans supported its residents. When it came to battle, the great tactical knowledge of humans combined with the fiery determination of their dwarven friends made an unstoppable army that would be tested in the upcoming wars.

Years of service combined with a mastery of close combat weaponry makes the Master of Arms a one-man army. The Master of Arms rushes into battle with conviction in their eyes, along with a hammer in one hand and an axe in the other.
Dual Wield – Deals damage to the primary target and all adjacent ones using both weapons.

Master of Arms

Only those who served their harsh time in the dwarven mines of Ibrion are allowed to regain their honor through the ranks of the Mauler squad. The brutality of a heavy dwarven hammer wielded by an enraged Mauler is absolute destruction.
Aura of Haste – Generates an aura that boosts surrounding units’ attack speed.


Zealous Paladins have always been the bulwark of defense against all threats, including those of body or soul. Mastery of an impenetrable shield wall combined with the holy powers obtained through prayer and pious devotion allows them to protect their companions in battle. Upholding the divine law and protecting the weak is their sole purpose.
Taunt – The targeted enemy unit attacks the Paladin, who blocks the next 2 attacks.


A keen eye, steady arm, and nerves of steel make this dedicated archer a stalwart defender of the kingdom. Their proficiency with a bow is unparalleled, though outmatched by their devotion to protect the helpless. There is no greater sight than a salvo of deadly arrows covering the sun and clearing the way for the incoming army of Ibrion.
Longshot – Deals massive damage to distant targets.


During the long marches of Ibrion’s army, a group of militia rose to protect the populous at home. With decisive agility and guerilla tactics, Skirmishers quickly outnumber all intruding threats, introducing them to the sharp points of their javelins.
Cruel Intentions – Deals higher damage to close range targets.


Dwarven ingenuity and creative crafting were always the core values of the century-old trading pact between two races. The furnace of Ibrion was raging once again, churning out boomsticks of devastation. The sturdy dwarven marksmen were outfitted with proper tools to spark the incoming fires of war.
Boom Blast – Destructive shot that hurls the Blunderbuss backward and removes aggro.


Steep and dangerous mountains of Amyrion are home to one of the sturdiest animals in the kingdom of Ibrion. Because of their majestic horns, Battle Rams are herded and tamed as one of the few animals that can change the course of a battle.
Head Bump – Horn attack that removes armor from the enemy target.

Battle Ram

The long tradition of the Lion Riders is shrouded in mystery from the first days of human settling on the plains of Amiryon. In the Kingdom of Ibrion, each first-born female child is imprinted with a male royal lion at the age of six, making them inseparable companions for the rest of their lives. Every enemy knows never to stand between the royal lion of Ibrion and its rider.
Pounce – Jumps into an enemy squad and stuns adjacent enemies.

Lion Rider

Holding the first tournaments of chivalry at the request of the human king, dwarven warriors knew they needed to sharpen their battle skills and show the might of dwarven bear riders. Adorned with the best armor of master blacksmiths and fitted with lances that any knight would be jealous of, a small number of dwarves began the long tradition of the fierce Rune Knights.
Juggernaut – Charges into the enemy squad dealing massive damage along the way.

Rune Knight