The next realm in Primordials of Amyrion is coming to Early Access in 3 days and is joining the Kingdom of Ibrion and Woodlands of Trakay in the upcoming battles on October 6th. Welcome, the Desert Tribes of Sahar, a mystical new realm that will promptly wield their magic over the battleground for the final win. Contrary to other Realms’ armies that show their might through fearsome weaponry or the gifts of nature, Sahars’ aptitude to arcane knowledge displays an entirely different way to wage war.

“All varieties of mythical beasts have been called from their hiding places to join the army in the march to war. The arcane powers will show all of Amyrion that the people of the sand are not to be trifled with.”

Ready yourself to be astonished by the variety of magical constructs and highly trained guerilla warriors, from the swift and deadly Irshi flying above its enemies to the fearsome Sacred Scarabs leading their brood for the glory of the realm.

The hidden knowledge of the desert libraries and palaces will strengthen everyone who chooses to lead Sahar’s army. Wielding the terrifying power of the Tempest to block even the sharpest of arrows or confusing enemy minds with the illusion of Mirage is a set of abilities bestowed only to the chosen.
The power of pure magic can overcome even the toughest of foes.

Lead your new mystical army through the battlefields of Amyrion, through Early Acess on Steam and Epic Games Store, in just 3 days.