A new year is here, 2020 is behind us, and Primordials of Amyrion are moving forward with a new update. We bring you new features to improve your gaming experience and brand new player progression UI. Furthermore, we are making this weekend free to play, so you can invite your friends to try the game, and have some 1v1 friendly battles.
Free to play weekend:
Primordials of Amyrion is now free to play from Jan 14th to Jan 18th at 11am ET on the Epic Games Store and Steam Store. Jump in for free and take part in epic 1v1 tug-of-war real-time strategy battles.
The team is continuing to work hard and add content and improvements to the game. We’ve recently released the new Mementus the Age Sovereign Primordial to test out, and every Primordial now has two different active abilities as mention in the last update.
The game is looking very different than when we launched into Early Access in October, and we can’t wait for you to try it!
Other than the awesome possibility for incoming players to test the game, we also did our share of novelties in the shape of a new update made to enhance your gameplay.

0.3.52 Patch notes:

Primordial’s unique attack – all Primordials are receiving a unique basic attack. Each basic attack has the style that matches the Primordial’s visual design, such as its element (e.g., Nardass – fireball)

Influence rewards – Influence received a major update. The Influence gain and progression bar on top of the screen now will show five marked points. Each time your influence reaches one point, you will get to pick a perk that is activated as long as you control the given influence progress point.

Music, Animation, and VFX improvement – Each Primordial attack also comes with its own set of animations, VFX, and sounds.
Our steady work continues, and we look forward to our next big update.