Deep in the heart of Amiryon lies a mountain area called Yodrum. It is the kingdom of misfits and exiles where folk of all races and heritage are welcome to the underground city of Diamare. For generations, Yodrum maintained basic diplomatic relations with other kingdoms. All topics in Yodrum are open for discussion, except one; there is no extradition of their residents.

Elassin was brought to Yodrum at a very young age. Like many refugees before him, he was accepted as one of their own and was raised as such. The open-door policy of Yodrum is not to be mistaken for charity or a warm-hearted act. Their kingdom specializes in information trade and no one has better infiltrators, spies, or agents of similar craft.

As a child, Elassin was trained in the arts of poison making, close combat and guise. To be a spy was honorable, but to take lives for Yodrum was the greatest reward. To become an agent of Yodrum, Elassin had to embrace pain and suffering as a part of his life. Every day was a new challenge and a new opportunity to get closer to his first assignment.

Now after years of blood, sweat and tears, Elassin just needs a name….



When Scorn is triggered, Elassin ignores armor when attacking his target.


Upon activation Elassin’s thirst for blood is shared with units in a selected area, granting them additional damage.


Once Fury is triggered, Elassin’s next three attacks deal additional damage and are considered as magic damage