Just over a month ago, Primordials of Amyrion entered the Early Access, and as we promised, a lot of changes have been made. Our team is working tirelessly on improvements and additional content for the betterment of the game and, finally, your enjoyment in it. The plan to take your feedback into account was exceptionally fruitful, so we considered all your thoughts regarding future development guidelines. Thanks to your inputs, we believe that Primordials of Amyrion is getting better with each passing day.

0.3.35 Patch notes:

Friend list, Chat, and Challenge

Players will have a new option to invite other players to their friend list and make the game even more social, especially in these trying times. Once the friend invite is accepted, players will be given the possibility to communicate via Chat or to Challenge each other for a friendly match. With the Challenge option, players will skip the usual queue for available players and immediately enter the game.

Player Avatar & Win/Loss track

All players will gain access to the Avatar library. Simply by clicking on the avatar in the top right corner, the library will open, and players will be able to change their avatars with a simple click. For now, the library is populated by our characters from the game from Minions to Champions, but in further updates, there will be many more options to customize your visuals.

Map improvements

All map assets have improved textures to ensure the better visual quality of the game and give you that eye candy feeling everyone desires.

Outer tower relocation

One of the major changes to the game is our new dual-tower setup. Outer towers have been moved to the opposite side of inner towers, thus ensuring better tower longevity and stronger defense.

Tower upgrade

As we decided to simplify some aspects of gameplay mad make it more enjoyable, the first to be reworked were the Tower upgrades. From now on, ALL the towers will be simultaneously upgraded with each upgrade purchase. This way, the loss of a tower seems less punishing and reduces the need to upgrade each individual tower.