The vast desert of Amyrion isn’t just an empty space scorched by the sun and hot air, but rather a home to the mystical tribes of Sahar. These parts are well known to all practitioners of magic, thanks to the vast libraries of lost knowledge and hidden arcane artifacts. Although ruled by the Sultan from his royal palace, Sahar is divided into many tribes governed by Princes, who mostly fight for the dominion and supremacy of their tribe.

Over the centuries, the people of Sahar trained themselves in guerrilla combat and learned all kinds of arcane arts, though now resources have become scarce. The Sultan has ordered an expansion of the realm in search of new resources needed to meet demand. All varieties of mythical beasts have been called from their hiding places to join the army in the march to war. The power of the arcane will show all of Amyrion that the people of the sands are not to be trifled with.

Desert warriors of Sahar are trained in the harsh climate of the scorching sands so that they can withstand tremendous pain. Upon recruitment, they are given a flask of water and a quest to bring a desert rose from the secret oasis of Sahar. Those who are strong enough to survive the trip are introduced to the secret guerilla tactics of the Ghazi.
Siphon – Ghazi reduces his magic resistance to 0, gaining additional attack damage equal to amount of lost magic resistance.


Beast taming has always been a beloved profession of every Sahar sage, and in combination with a little bit of alchemy, these fantastical arachnid beasts are born. These colossi are imbued with magic throughout their developmental years and are the frontline of every battle. The Scorpion’s massive pincers and deadly tail are not to be reckoned with.
Stinger swipe – Scorpion attacks with his tail in a large cone.


As history has shown, the mages of Sahar have had different styles of magical manipulation. One of those types is a school of conjuration and artifact divination. The main idea behind that work is the assembly of a magical golem that will protect the mage. Golems are actually armored husks imbued with a tremendous amount of magical energy that gives them strength and resilience.
Arcane attunement – Upon falling to low health, Golem gains additional evasion.


A long-enduring legend of the desert tribes tells the story of a genie trapped in a magical lamp, waiting to fulfill the wishes of its finder. Although there are such lamps, the reality is entirely different. There were no benevolent genies inside, but rather tormented Ifrits that were kept imprisoned for thousands of years, awaiting their final release. One day, during excavation for lost knowledge of Sahar’s ancestors, the Sultan’s army found a set of these mystical lamps. Upon the release of Ifrits, they swore fealty to the Sultan’s army and to release their rage upon his enemies.
Tempest – Ifrit summons a whirlwind around himself. While it persists, all basic ranged attacks against Ifrit are ignored.


Not all wars are fought with mere strength and brutality. Agility and swiftness are also an essential part of every army. The delicate art of juggling sharp knives and hurling them at incoming targets is the deadly dance of the Kinjdal knife thrower. There is no greater threat than an elusive knife that finds a crack in the armor and causes a fatal wound.
Burst – Upon activation Kindjal gains attack speed increase, and each following attack deals additional magic damage.


The dunes of the vast deserts are home to one of the most feared monsters in the realm of Sahar. Though hidden from the general population, they are occasionally spotted in all of their grandeur. Half snake, half-human, Shahmaran are venomous threats covered with the thickest of scales. Just one touch of its deadly spit can take down even the toughest of enemies.
Venom Pit – Shahmaran casts a spell on an enemy unit. It and all other enemy units near it lose some armor value for a few seconds.


The Sultan of Sahar is well known for his harem. Though the practice of magic is rarely available to women of the desert tribes, the most trusted of Sultan’s guardians are female magicians that gracefully wield arcane magic while riding their enchanted flying carpets. There is no more agile unit in any army than that of a carpet flyer, quickly passing every blockade.
Mirage – Irshi summons a copy of herself with additional evasion. The copy does the same attack damage and evaporates after any damage taken.


Every tribe is always in need of fresh meat to feed their people, and when the need is strong, the Dune Hunter of Sahar is summoned. These highly intelligent beasts are not just simple jackals, but magical embodiments of insatiable hunger. It is said that these creatures are guides between the world of the living and that of the afterlife. In fact, it is their ferocious bites that bring along the afterlife quickly to their prey.
Spectral Form – Dune Hunter enters spectral form, becoming indestructible for a few seconds.

Dune hunter

The Sacred Scarab of Sahar didn’t become the realm’s emblem just because it can survive the harsh climate of the desert, but because it shows the expanding might of the realm’s army. While individual scarabs don’t pose much of a threat, the appearance of a Sacred Scarab queen is a whole different story. Her huge husk is made of the richest of metals and makes her an extremely tough combatant to kill. Once she emerges from the sands, she releases a swarm of her children, aiming to feed her sprawling colony.
Swarm – Sacred Scarab summons a swarm around herself. The Swarm does damage to all units within its range, and Sacred Scarab gains additional evasion while Swarm remains active.

Sacred Scarab