Mandra hails from the Woodlands of Trakay. This vast forest kingdom is well known for its strict laws and preservation of nature. Throughout the ages, many realms viewed their peacefulness as a weakness. Trakay never fell to conquerors, with every invasion pushed back, and no prisoners taken.

Mandra is a fierce warrior and experienced battle medic. As one of the dryads, her purpose is to keep an ever-watchful eye over the realm of Trakay and all creatures within its borders. Her distaste for all outlanders is not without reason.

Long ago, in her youth, she ran into a small group from a human army battalion. Careful but curious, she followed them to a sacred pond and monitored their interactions with nature. Shock and confusion flooded her mind when she saw what came next – the butchering of the forest and its inhabitants. Enraged by the scene in front of her eyes, she summoned nature’s wrath and swiftly punished the intruders.

Since that day, the Secret Grove of Trakay has remained untainted by arrogant and foolish invaders. Even now, you can hear her whispers in a forest, waiting for the next challenge.


Heals all friendly units in a chosen radius.


Entangles all enemy units in a radius, stopping their movement.


Primary target and all enemies around it get a significant de-buff.



Lekor was a regiment leader of the Haldrum Legion. Lifelong service in the army hardened him, making him merciless to enemies but just to fellow brothers in arms. His armor was always clean, blades ever-sharp, and no man in the mercenary Legion could ever doubt his loyalty to the banner. Service was his life and blood his honor, which in the end was his downfall.

After refusing to execute prisoners of war, his punishment was severe. High commanders of the Legion knew that death meant nothing to such a man who had embraced it long ago. As a soldier and seasoned officer, a veteran of hundreds of battles, Lekor had long since accepted his fate. To break his will, they needed a punishment far greater than death.

Every single man under Lekor’s command was executed for following their commander’s lead. He was forced to watch and listen to his men scream for mercy. After the slaughter of his men, Lekor was given a choice – obey the high commanders’ orders to execute the prisoners in service of the Legion of Haldrum or disobey and be banished forever.

That night, he left the camp and vowed never to serve the will of lesser men, and to protect those who serve under his command. Owning allegiance to no man, he melted his armor, crafted new weapons and continued his search for redemption in the service of a Primordial that would accept his atonement.


Jumps from his location to a targeted point, dealing magical damage.


Boosts armor of all surrounding friendly units.


Taunts all enemy units around him and blocks all incoming magic damage.



Deep in the heart of Amyrion lies a mountainous area called Zeraneth. It is the kingdom of misfits and exiles. All races and backgrounds are welcome to live in the underground city of Diamare. For generations, Zeraneth maintained necessary diplomatic relations with other kingdoms. Every topic was open to discussion, except one; Zeraneth would not offer extradition of their captives.

Elassin was brought to Zeraneth at a very young age. Like many refugees before him, he was accepted as one of their own and was raised as such. The open-door policy was not to be mistaken for charity or a warm-hearted act. Their kingdom specializes in information trade, and no one has better infiltrators, spies, or other agents of similar craft.

Ever since his childhood Elassin was trained in the arts of poison making, close combat, and disguise. To be a spy for Zeraneth was honorable, but to take lives for it was the most rewarding. To become an agent of Zeraneth, Elassin had to embrace pain and suffering as a vital part of his life. Every day was a new challenge and a new opportunity to get closer to his first assignment.

Now, after years of blood, tears, and sweat – he only needs a name.


Each attack deals massive damage; every killing blow will prolong ability duration.


Boosts damage of himself and all friendly units in a radius.


 Causes the next 3 attacks to deal magic damage.



Originating from the hidden oasis conclave deep in the deserts of Amyrion, Xannti honed her archery skills as one of the last warrior maidens of the late Lizard prince. In addition to her training to become an all-seeing eye for the prince’s trading caravans, her lizardfolk lineage gave her the perfect set of skills for concealing herself in the midst of battle.

Using her special tricks to track her prey and dispatch it from afar, she was the best scout in all the realms of Aymrion. After losing her beloved sovereign, she started to find a new purpose in life amongst the magical armies of Haraad. You can always find her in pursuit of the strongest of enemies, just for the sake of a new kill and a nice trophy adorning her belt.

Her sacred companion is not some mere living creature, but her trustful bow made from the core of a rare palm tree combined with the most toxic of snakes that are hidden in the oasis of her homeland. Enhanced with magic and alchemy from the best scholars of Haraad, her arrows are tipped with a splash magical acid that burns her enemies.


Fires a volley of toxic arrows in an area dealing damage.


Slows movement and attack speed of the target.


Does additional toxic damage.