We here at GD ENTERTAINMENT want to use this opportunity to announce a couple of changes regarding the July 29th – August 4th Beta test and clarify some details regarding the game itself.

Primordials of Amyrion is a 1v1 tug-of-war strategy game. It is not a MOBA or RTS. In a way, it’s a new concept with elements of different genres that we believe can work together.

After consulting with the distribution platform Epic Games Store, we have decided to open the Beta doors to a broader audience. It is our wish to make the best game possible and give all players a chance to decide for themselves if Primordials of Amyrion is a game worthy of their time and attention. Starting on July 29th at 8 AM PDT, all players will be able to download the BETA on Epic Games Store and start playing.

STEAM users will need the keys to download the game. However, we have secured enough keys, so no one will miss out on the opportunity to try out the game.

We decided to add more content during the game development, and we are working tirelessly to secure the best experience possible. It is not our intention to keep Primordials of Amyrion in everlasting Early Access, quite the opposite. Our goal is to use Early Access to implement all additional content we wish to see.

Although we are a small, fresh team, we are confident in our capabilities. Together with our publisher, WIREGAMES, we will keep to our plan and announce the final launch within one year from the beginning of Early Access.  See you in the Beta next week!